Friday, 3 October 2014

The Trick Eye Museum, a world where everything comes alive when you step in. Newly opened in Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore since 8th June 2014, an eye-catching photograph has never been so easy to capture!

Since its launch, this place has been a perfect spot for many families and friends to have a whale of a time taking photographs and bonding together. With original 3D as well as 2D artworks, you can now be captured in the moment at places such as river, volcano, sea, swimming pool and circus without being there physically!

I was invited by The Influencer Network to have a first-hand experience at the Trick Eye Museum. As it was a private event, the museum was closed from 8pm-10pm.

With a total of 130 people at the event, the museum was bustling with enthusiasm. Every photo-taking attraction was occupied with people who were passionate to attain the perfect photograph.

Not only did I attend as a blogger for this event, but as a photographer and event coordinator as well! Although it was slightly busy for me in the start, the team of people whom I worked with constantly looked out for each other and allowed my experience to be filled with fun, joy and laughter. Here's to a team shot!

The museum is more than meets the eye. With more than 20 over different settings, you'll definitely be able to spend your afternoon or evening snapping away!

At the start of the evening, invited guests line up at the entrance of the museum to register. Guests gathered as early as 7.45pm outside the museum and I was helping out with the registration and administrative details. It was a great opportunity for me to know more about the guests and interact with them along the way! (:

Trick Eye Museum’s first branch was in Seoul, South Korea. However with the museum being in high demand from Singaporeans and tourists, it is now opened here! Opening hours are from 10am-9pm daily. Entry tickets for the museum are $25 for adults and $20 for both children and senior citizens.

(Ages 13 to 59)
(Ages 4 to 12)
(Ages 60 and above)
One Day Pass

Here's a glimpse of the museum:

As I am naturally claustrophobic, I was afraid of the crowd before I entered the museum. Little did I know that it could actually accommodate all of us and we could take own time there.

The starter photograph: Up up and away on a flying broom above the snowy town!

Spread your wings and soar! What's more cycling in the sky with a bicycle?

Bloop bloop bloop... Feels great to be under the sea. Swirling and twirling as a mermaid!

Or feeling like a princess for a day? The moment I spotted the swan afloat on the water, it was really the perfect occasion as I was wearing a white romper which blended into the "fairytale" atmosphere. Hahaha

Met @secretnudges recently in an event and captured the moment here with her in the night sky! Great place for keepsake-photographs (:

Spot Puss-in-Boots in his ultimate hideout! Isn't the cat just too cute for the garden? Here I am, being his companion hahaha

Maybe sitting on chairs is just too mainstream. Here's to floating on one! How cool is that hehe.

Help!! Trying my best to escape from the painting that Mona Lisa is holding and not letting me go!

Never thought I'll experience a cliff hanger in the mountainous regions... Don't let go of me dear creature! Treacherously climbing my way back to the top!

Best of all, my partner-in-crime, Charis, is here with me as we climb up the bamboo tree to get to the same height as the pandas. Clinging onto the bamboo with all my might! Pulling each other up isn't as easy afterall...

Had an amazing photo-taking time laughing away and finding the right pose to be in the moment! Once again, special thanks to Trick Eye Museum for having us over (:

Take one to two hours off your hectic schedule and head down to the museum for an experience that you'll never regret!


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